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“Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe´s Energy” is a project by the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the RWE Foundation. Throughout Europe it enables young people to monitor, inform themselves and debate about European energy policy. The project will focus on the diversity and interdependency of energy policy on the European level, while France, Poland and Germany will serve as national example cases. Within the project, young people in the network of the EYP will monitor energy policy in Europe and inform themselves and debate about current trends and discussions in this field with relevant experts and decision-makers. Led by a steering group of young people who will further develop the academic content of the project, the main activities of the project will be three academic forums in Lyon, France in 2015, in Warsaw, Poland in 2016 and in Germany in 2017. These countries embody relevant national cases for comparing long term strategies toward energy transition and agenda setting in the European Union.

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Celebrating 10 years

Inside EYP Poland Imagine a place where everyone spoke your language but no one shared your native tongue. Imagine a place where everyone knew where you stood but no one had walked in your shoes. Imagine a place where everyone worked together but no one’s opinion was unheard . From a kitchen table in France […]

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In light of the lobby night happening on the 26th of October, the media team presents you with an introduction to lobbying in the energy sector inside the EU. In addition, you can find instructions for the lobby night and your role in it at the end of the article. Lobbying inside the European energy […]

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Today is Our Time

The first official video produced by the Media Team of Power Shifts Academic Forum – Warsaw 2016. Video edited by Mazen Zibara (LV).

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Conflict of Interest

A number of Member States are heavily reliant on fossil fuels and the political will is not there to progress to the renewable energy sector. Are the EU energy goals guiding Member States on diverging paths? The European Union was originally set up as an energy union to uphold the peace within what would become  a union […]

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“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”

Rethinking our eating for a brighter future. In Europe today, the food sector is a major consumer of energy: the amount of energy necessary to cultivate, process, pack and bring the food to European citizens’ tables accounts for 17 % of the EU’s gross energy consumption in 2013, equivalent to about 26 % of the […]

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The Power Challenge

In order to keep you entertained during the session and also help you win a pretty cool prize in the end, the Media Team is organising the Power Challenge. By making participants take part in the Power Challenge we are hoping to energise them during their fruitfull discusions while engaging them on a learning journey […]

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