Celebrating 10 years

Inside EYP Poland

Imagine a place where everyone spoke your language but no one shared your native tongue. Imagine a place where everyone knew where you stood but no one had walked in your shoes. Imagine a place where everyone worked together but no one’s opinion was unheard .

From a kitchen table in France in 1987, the European Youth Parliament has grown into an organisation that has grown to a community of 39 countries. It brings together young people who through a parliamentary simulation fan the flames of European political thinking and promote intercultural understanding. It’s non formal educational approach fosters peer to peer learning and engagement. EYP is a world onto itself that creates a learning environment that could not be achieved in a traditional educational setting.Participants develop a toolset of crucial social and professional skills and encourages independent thinking and socio-political initiative.

In the year of EYP Polands 10th anniversary Marta Sznajder, one of the current Vice Presidents gave her views on what EYP Poland means to her. Marta sees EYP as an open network that allows people to gain experience and have an impact in important areas that they have an interest in. EYP Poland is expanding year on year. From one day events to a EYP Poland is always striving to push people to go and experience new adventures. Marta describes  the international experience of EYP  an unforgettable experience and one which that she feel can not be fully appreciated in a one day super condensed session. That is why she is so pleased and works so hard on the international committee to push for an more international outlook.

From home and aboard EYP Poland is expanding with regional sessions in many new cities this year and full international academic forum.“Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe´s Energy” is a project by the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the RWE Foundation. Throughout Europe it enables young people to monitor, inform themselves and debate about European energy policy. The project will focus on the diversity and interdependency of energy policy on the European level, while France, Poland and Germany will serve as national example cases. Overall Marta is hopefully for the future of EYP Poland and is excited for the next ten years.

Written by Kevin Boland