The Power Challenge

In order to keep you entertained during the session and also help you win a pretty cool prize in the end, the Media Team is organising the Power Challenge. By making participants take part in the Power Challenge we are hoping to energise them during their fruitfull discusions while engaging them on a learning journey through fun tasks related to energy.

Throughout the session you will be receiving different tasks that you will have to complete and collect points. Each Committee has to select a leader who will be sending proof (picture or videos) of the completed tasks to the designated Media Team Member over WhatsApp.

We will be posting the scores of all the Committees everyday during the Coffee Break. Once you pick the leader of your team, he or she should send a message to the Media Team Member allocated to you.

You can only address your allocated Media Team Member with the title “Power Ranger”, otherwise you will not get a response!

The teams and their Media Team Members:
Oskar Košenina
+386 41 266 216

Pilar Caseras
+34 682 92 07 50

Kevin Boland
+353 8714 60 260

Michael Ernst
+43 660 416 63 36

When you get in contact, you will receive further instructions!