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Patchwork Design Hostel

Hostel is located in the heart of Warsaw, between two of most famous and iconic streets: “Nowy Swiat” (New World Street) and Chmielna Street.

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Hotel in the castle

Hotel Zamek Pułtusk *** Dom Polonii is a hotel located in the XV-century castle in one of the oldest towns in the Masovia region – Pułtusk. The castle has hosted Polish King Sigismund II Vasa, Swedish King Charles II, Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte and Russian Emperors – Alexander I and Alexander II. Two kilometres before Pułtusk, the River Narew forks and surrounds the old town square and the castle, which makes it genuine castle on the island. What is more, the city Pułtusk itself is a proud owner of the longest European cobbled Old Town (almost 400m).

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Ministry of Development

The Ministry is active in different areas of international co-operation, e.g. through the presence in international organisations or regional co-operation structures. It’s building is located in the central district of Warsaw – The Three Crosses Square.



Warsaw Management University

Established in 1995, currently enrolls more than 6.000 students and has more than 37.000 graduates. Warsaw Management University o ers its prospective students exceptionally favorable conditions to study in the Campus of the Third Millennium. It is a well equipped architectural academic complex housing numerous lecture rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, and language laboratories.



Dreamwers and Craftsmen – House of Social Innovations in the Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store

A place dedicated to support practical, meaningful ideas and initiatives related to real social challenges. It is located at the 3rd oor of the Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store in the very centre of Warsaw, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is considered as one of the best works of Polish architecture of the early 20th century. More info on the building can be found here: https:// goo.gl/vLqAul.

GALA NIGHT: 10th Anniversary of EYP Poland


Palace of Culture and Science – Broniewski Hall



Palace of Culture and Science – Warsaw Hall

Both events will take place in The Palace of Culture and Science – the tallest building in Poland, the eighth tallest building in the European Union and in a Top-20 in the Europe. The Palace is an iconic building of the city, very famous tourist place and an amazing venue for conferences and formal events. It’s richness and magnitude was an inspiration for our graphic designers to provide you the project of the session logo.



Służewski Dom Kultury

Titled by the Architecture Award of one of most famous Polish weekly “Polityka” (eng. politics), the venue is a community centre built in 2013 to promote and support educational and cultural initiatives as well as shape the esthetic and ecological awareness. With it’s modern and unique design it is undoubtedly a place worth visiting while sightseeing the city.